List Top 10 Best Cadet Colleges of Pakistan

All those visitors who want to see the top 10 best cadet colleges in Pakistan then you are on the right page. The top 10 best cadet colleges in Pakistan is  Cadet College Hasan Abdal, Cadet College Murre, Cadet College Jhelum, Cadet College Petaro, Cadet College Rawalpindi, Garrison Cadet College Kohat, Cadet College Sui, Cadet College Lahore, Cadet College Kohat, Cadet College Pasrur. All cadet institutions in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, AJK, Baluchistan as well as Baluchistan, and the North, as well as South Waziristan Agencies of FATA, are on this list. List Top 10 Best Cadet Colleges


List of the top 10 cadet college in Pakistan

  • Cadet College Hasan Abdal
  • Cadet College Murree
  • Cadet College Jehlum
  • Cadet College Petaro
  • Cadet College Rawalpindi
  • Garrison Cadet College Kohat
  • Cadet College Sui
  • Cadet College Lahore
  • Cadet College Kohat
  • Cadet College Pasrur


Cadet College Hasan Abdal

In the beginning, introducing the concept of cadet colleges in the Hassan Abdal Cadet College was the first cadet college to be constructed within Pakistan from 1954 during the administration under general Ayub Khan. It was able to earn a name for its top-quality training, world-class facilities and its outstanding selection. List Top 10 Best Cadet Colleges. The college is located in Attock the district of Punjab. It covers an area of 98 acres and includes sporting courts, playing fields and a pool and a hospital with 16 beds. Online application form

Cadet College Murree

In 2002, the Cadet College Murree was established in 2002. It is an independent cadet school which provides training according to the requirements established by the Pakistan Army. Since it is a non-profit and autonomous institution that is controlled through the Multi-denominational Board of Directors, not by Pakistan Armed Forces. In addition to basic education, the institution draws on the latest scientific and technological methods to encourage the innovative thinking of its students. It is situated in the middle of Murree and is located approximately 64 kilometers from Islamabad. It is a stunning spot with gorgeous hills and cool weather. Registration form online

Cadet College Jehlum

Established in 1922, the Cadet College Jehlum is one the oldest colleges in Pakistan that has produced competent, disciplined, and courageous young cadets that will become officers in the Armed Forces. The college is located at GT Road in the Jehlum district in Punjab situated which is located 60 kilometers from Gujrat. This city has hills which make it an exceptional location. The college has sports facilities and a swimming pool gym facilities and a hostel for students. It’s a full housing complex. The college is governed by the management board that is in charge of the general governance. Online registration form

List Top 10 Best Cadet Colleges of Pakistan

List Top 10 Best Cadet Colleges of Pakistan


Cadet College Petaro

As the second-oldest institution in the nation the cadet college gives instruction and education in accordance with the traditions and customs and customs of the Pakistan military. It is located in Jamshoro, Sindh, it has been expanded to 700 acres. The college was founded in the year 1957 at Mirpur Khas, then later moved to Petaro in the year 1959. Students are taught etiquette and manners as well as the characteristics of a leader. The college employs over 400 people who work in various departments. In addition to the sports facilities and hostels, Cadet College Petaro also has the parade grounds. Apply online

Cadet College Rawalpindi

Since it is a private non-profit institute the Cadet College of Rawalpindi offers world-class instruction to students and provides the latest knowledge and skills to help students develop their imaginative minds to gain a greater comprehension of the contemporary world. The college is a part of the Pakistan Education Development Organization, the Pakistan Education Development Organization(PEDO) which is managed by retired officers of Pakistan Navy and Education Directorate. The college is located in Qartaba City South Bound Service Area Lahore-Islamabad Motorway in Rawalpindi. At present, there are 400 students at the college. Online registration form

Garrison Cadet College Kohat

The college is located in Kohat, KPK, the Garrison Cadet College is ranked as one of the top colleges in Pakistan. Since its founding at the beginning of 1993, the school has not compromised on its education or ethical standards. The college has been expanded to 85 acres, and the campus is captivating. In addition to the standard activities, the college also offers paragliding, archery, and an obstacle courses. The college offers a variety of societies and clubs, including drama club, the dramatic club gardening club, and science club. The college has a set of criteria for a high level of intelligence and shrewdness. Online application form

Cadet College Sui

The only well-known military school within Baluchistan is the Cadet College Sui. It was established in the year 2011. The college gained its title in a relatively small amount of time. Established just a decade ago the college has reached an exemplary status due to its hard work in the area of education. This is why it has been named on the list of prestigious colleges for cadets.List Top 10 Best Cadet Colleges.  The college is located within the city located in Sui located in Balochistan, Pakistan. It is controlled directly by the Pakistan Army and supervised by Kakul, the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul. Online Apply

Cadet College Lahore

In addition to other renowned colleges that concentrate on fitness, education and mental wellness, Cadet College Lahore is one of the colleges. The college offers high-quality education in discipline, discipline, and manners of conduct. The college is located on Main Multan Road, Lahore adjacent to Bahria Town, the college was established in the year 1995. The next step for the college is to prepare students for the role of officers of the Pakistan Armed Forces, other federal and national organisations. Students are instructed in accordance with military standards. They are then able to be able to join Armed Forces as commissioned officers at the Cadet College Lahore. Registration form

Cadet College Kohat

In 1965, it was built as a single structure, and moving its way up the way to the top educational institutions it is known as one of the Cadet College Kohat. The college was established by the General Ayub Khan. The college is renowned for its excellent education, strict rules and strict discipline. The college covers 144 acres, the campus is located near the border with the Kohat Direct, KPK. It is managed through the Board of Governors including federal and military officials. The college has its own alumni as well as multi-media blocks for e-learning. Application form

Cadet College Pasrur

Concentrate on creating the best professional officers in the future The Cadet College Pasrur is strict with regards to academics and character. It was established in 2011 and is situated in Pasur located at a distance five kilometers from Sialkot, Punjab. The college boasts highly educated faculty, including military personnel who provide a high-quality education, but also help to improve students’ athletic capabilities. The focus is on physical fitness and strengthening the physique of cadets The Cadet College Pasrur is the top of the list. Online Admission

Cadet College Written Test Result

The cadet college’s written test is conducted in accordance with the academics of the student has completed in his previous classes. It to be taken from the subjects of English, Urdu, Mathematics as well as general sciences. You can also download the cadet college entrance test results. List Top 10 Best Cadet Colleges. The cadet colleges in Pakistan are discussed in the article and we hope that you’re well-informed about this admissions process for all these schools. However, if you have any questions regarding the admission process for cadet colleges/Cadet School Admissions or Army School Admissions or Military School Admissions, please submit your queries to us using the comment box below We will respond to you as quickly as we can regarding Cadet College admission procedure details.

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