Check FESCO Duplicate Bill Online

FESCO which is a Pakistani utility company that provides electricity to the Faisalabad region offers customers the option to download a duplicate bill online by logging into their account on the FESCO website or mobile app. Alternatively, you can also visit your nearest FESCO customer service center and request a duplicate copy of your bill in person, or send an email to their customer service email address to receive the bill electronically. To obtain a duplicate bill, you’ll need to provide your account details and a valid form of identification. FESCO strives to make the billing process as convenient and hassle-free as possible for its customers, and the option to obtain a duplicate bill is just one of the ways they achieve this goal.


FESCO stands for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, which is a utility company in Pakistan that provides electricity to the Faisalabad region. It was established in 1998 and is responsible for the distribution and supply of electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in its service area.

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) bill pay method

You can view your FESCO bill for commercial, residential, or industrial electric connections. All you require is the reference number of 14 digits which you can input in the input box above and then you’ll get your Fesco invoice online. Check out the image below to discover where you can find the reference number for Fesco. Check Bill Online

Check Bill Fesco by Reference Number

You can type in the reference number in order to see your FESCO Wapda bills. If you’d like to know whether your bill has been due or unpaid, you will find it in the history of your bill. You can review the bill from your previous month even before you get the bill’s copy or download the Fesco duplicate bills if you’ve lost your original copy. You can look up the duplicate bill from Fesco regardless of whether you own a tablet, mobile, or desktop computer the website works with all devices and can be used anywhere.

Check FESCO Duplicate Bill Online

Check FESCO Duplicate Bill Online FESCO Bill

FESCO is a responsive website that allows you to view the amount of your bill on any type of gadget (desktop/mobile). All you require is the 14-digit reference number to view the amount of your Fesco online bill which is found on any old copy of your bill. You can’t check it with CNIC or name however you can verify your Fesco bill with the customer id, which is composed of 10 digits. If you reside in the Fesco Area of electricity, you can look up your bill online at site.

FESCO Bill Payment via ATM

The payment of bills using ATMs is also a possibility. In order to use an ATM you need to insert your card and then enter your PIN. Choose a type of account. Select”Pay for utility bills. “Pay utility bills” option. Then, select the appropriate bill type, for this instance electricity. It is important to enter your FESCO invoice’s number of references must be input. After you click OK, the purchase will be complete.

Paying bills using jazz cash or easy paisa

Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa are other alternatives for bill payment online. Simply start your Easy Paisa or Jazz Cash application. You can choose how you will pay your bills. You can choose to use FESCO to pay your bills instead. After that, enter the 14-digit reference number in an appropriate box. Then, click OK to make your payment.

How to Pay FESCO Bill Online

Certainly! It looks like you’re asking about paying a bill through FESCO. FESCO, or the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, is a Pakistani utility company that provides electricity to the Faisalabad region. If you need to pay your FESCO bill, there are a few options available to you:

  • Online Payment: You can pay your bill online through FESCO’s official website or through their mobile app. You’ll need to register for an account and provide your bill details and payment information.
  • Bank Payment: You can also pay your FESCO bill through various banks in Pakistan, such as Habib Bank, MCB Bank, and Allied Bank. Simply visit your nearest branch and provide your bill details.
  • EasyPaisa Payment: You can use the EasyPaisa mobile app to pay your FESCO bill. Simply select the “Electricity Bill” option, enter your FESCO bill details, and make the payment.


How can I download my FESCO bill on the Internet?

Go to and enter the reference number in order to see the quick bill, and then open your full bill and download the FESCO WAPDA bill at no cost.

What do you mean by FESCO Bill’s complaint number?

Call 111-000-128 to reach FESCO headquarters. Find out more information about the FESCO helpline here.

Can I estimate the FESCO bill on the Internet?

Naturally, it is possible to are able to estimate the amount of your bill by entering the consumed units using the FESCO bill calculator online.

What can I do to get FESCO duplicate bills?

You can find FESCO duplicate bills on FESCOBILLS.NET by entering a 14-digit reference number.

Can I view my FESCO invoice without a reference number?

Sure, you can verify the bill using your consumer ID, however, you cannot examine FESCO electric bill by the name, CNIC, address, or meter number. A reference number and the consumer ID is required to verify FESCO electric bill. If you don’t, you may call assistance or visit the closest office.

What can I do to change the names in my statement?

It is possible to apply for a name change at the FESCO office. The procedure for changing the name is similar to the process for changing the connection.

How can I verify if my FESCO bill has been in good standing to me or not?

The feature is not currently accessible. You may call the helpline to confirm payment of the bill.

What exactly is FPA included in the FESCO bill?

FPA is Fuel Price Adjustment. It’s an amount that will be added to your bill based on fluctuations in fuel prices.

Can I view the balance of my old bill on the Internet?

This feature currently isn’t available on the Internet. However, you can go to the FESCO headquarters to obtain records of old bills.

What is it? FESCO the detection charge?

A detection Bill is issued to

  1. Illegally derived electricity or the consumption of energy.
  2. Direct hooking or theft of electricity.
  3. Due to the inefficiency of the electricity meter.
  4. Contact us for other questions.

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